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Picture of After Alpha Class Crossover

Sigma Phi Delta was founded at the University of Southern California on April 11, 1924. Open to students with an Engineering background, it attends to both the social and professional needs of engineers. It is an organization that fosters Brotherhood, camaraderie, leadership and teamwork. Men join as individuals and form lifelong bonds with other like-minded students. Joining Sigma Phi Delta helps a man develop the skills, confidence, morality, and sense of teamwork necessary to become an excellent engineer.

The benefits of Sigma Phi Delta include: a great support system for weathering the rigors of the engineering curriculum, a close bond of brotherhood that endures through out the years beyond graduation, thousands of engineering alumni worldwide, strong leaders and men of principle. Most of all, the men of Sigma Phi Delta comprise the most exclusive fraternity on any campus, a fraternity of Engineers.


Sigma Phi Delta is unlike any other fraternity on campus because we realize that if we embodied the typical fraternity stereotype, we wouldn't last long as engineers. On the other hand, we realize that there also exists a negative stereotype regarding what people expect when they interact with engineers. Sigma Phi Delta attempts to strike the fine balance that exists between these social and professional worlds. We invite you to meet any of our young men and see for yourself what exactly constitutes a fraternity of engineers. We know you'll find sociable, young men who are leaders on their campuses.

Sigma Phi Delta is also dedicated to the protection of its members. To mitigate risk, we train all our members on the Fraternity's Risk Reduction Policy as well as Title IX, Alcohol Education, and Youth Protection Training.

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