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                     Sigma Phi Delta Logo

Sigma Phi Delta is the premier fraternity of engineers at West Virginia University. The local Beta Xi chapter of the organization was established at the time of charter on December 6, 2014. To further elaborate on the intentions of this fraternity, the First Article of the Constitution, the Code of Ethics, and the Motto of Sigma Phi Delta can be found here.

First Article of the Constitution

The Object of the Fraternity shall be to promote the advancement of the Engineering Profession; to foster the advancement of Engineering Education; to instill a greater spirit of cooperation among Engineering Students and Organizations; to inculcate in its members the highest ideals of virtuous manhood, good Citizenship, obedience to Law, and Brotherhood; and to encourage excellence in scholarship.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics of Sigma Phi Delta is founded upon the basic principles of truth and honesty. The quotation 'Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest' should be the light guiding the footsteps of an Engineer towards service and success. 

An Engineer should at all times be mentally, physically, and morally clean, and should conduct himself as a gentleman. He should be courageous in following his own convictions, mentally awake to make use of every opportunity, and should consider the welfare of others before his own. 

To his superiors, an Engineer should be dutiful; to his co-workers, helpful; to his subordinates, generous; to all men, brotherly. An Engineer should take a good grip on the joys of life. He should play the game like a man. He should fight against nothing so hard as his own weaknesses, and should endeavor to gain in strength. He should live so that his actions shall never besmirch his own honor, and thus maintain the honor of the Engineering Profession.


"Pro Bono Professionis"
      For the good of the profession.